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We believe that the economy of the world right now is primarily based upon principles that are not supported by nature. They are centralized and they taking away the things that don’t empower people.
The new Blockchain technology is freeing people for the first time from the hurt and fear that has come with this centralized economy.
There are no secrets in the Blockchain, it is transparent, immutable and decentralized distributed ledger technology that will change the world for good!


Top Crypto Expert

The new finance and new technology revolutions are emerging. There is window of opportunity to change your life while investing in highly profitable digital assets. We know how to evaluate the worth of each project that is on crypto market.
Darko Simunovski the founder of TOKENPADDOCK, together with other experts, (experienced traders and investors) will give you detailed fundamental analysis on  projects with high potentials.
Today there are more than 14000 cryptocurrencies, which requires a lot of time and experience to be able to make the right choices.
The growth of crypto market is imminent. We are on the verge of global crypto adoption, and BLOCKCHAIN implementation.
So, would you like to be a part of the new finance and technology ? Token Paddock will give you a perfect knowledge and guidance for your crypto investments.

What we offer

There is only over 280m of the World population that owns or trade crypto assets, and more than 4.66 billion people around the world now use the internet and 5.22 billion are mobile users. Crypto Assets are available where Internet is available.
With becoming a VIP part of our Crypto family, you will have the benefits of secure financial future!

VIP Letter

– How to create Crypto Portfolio (collection of more digital assets)

– Deep fundamental analysis on projects with real use-case, plus low market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies ( low cap gems).

– Guidance with maximising your portfolio profit. How to use CEX and De-Fi platforms for staking while holding your digital assets.

– Update on your portfolio- future buying and selling of coins and tokens as the market changes. (we believe just holding is not profitable enough because of the volatility of the crypto market)

Crypto market news

Live market data.
Latest news in crypto market blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0 and much more.


Learn everything you need to know about the Crypto world.
You can learn everything you need to know for the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens)
and crypto market , mining and much more.

Crypto  Expert

Darko Simunovski


Crypto Expert

Crypto Investor

My passion for economics and trading was born from an early age, thanks to my late father, who was a great economist working in the field for over 50 years. His vast understanding and knowledge has given me confidence to follow in his footsteps, and become a trader from an early age.
But the times are changing as we are now entering a new era of digital age and with that, my new passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain was born. This fascinating new technology has stolen my heart and has pushed me to study hard and grow even bigger excitement for the future!

Ever since 2017 I have left the old ways of trading and have entered the new door of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain!

I have spent countless hours learning about the new fascinating technology that blockchain has to offer and have become fundamental and technical trader of cryptocurrencies. It’s complexity is obvious, but so is the benefits that this technology has to offer.
It is very easy to become stationary in life, as comfort is the greatest enemy to progress, but with this amazing new technology at hands, the world should not fear the future of finance!
I believe my unique experiences, background and knowledge, will enhance my ability to help people understand this new technology and guide them to beneficial financial future!
Let’s enter the new financial freedom together with Tokenpaddock.

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