DCG’s Foundry Launches Market For Selling of Bitcoin Mining Machines

December 8, 2021

Darko Simunovski

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Digital Currency Group (DCG), has released a committed market to promote bitcoin mining machines. The platform named FoundryX, aims to serve mid-size and large-size miners.

FoundryX Digital, a mining subsidiary of crypto conglomerate Digital Currency Group (DCG), has launched a dedicated marketplace to sell bitcoin mining machines. FoundryX costumers will be allowed to buy and sell bitcoin mining machines.

 Bitcoin Mining

They have built relationships with energy companies, family offices, mining companies and have established over 200 buyers and sellers on their platform so far.

The formal release of FoundryX comes after the company operated the service behind the curtain during the last 12 months. over the last 12 months they have made $125 millions, serving clients from the U.S.A, Canada, and Norway.

Burkey stated that FoundryX will sell both new and second-hand bitcoin mining machines, excluding the small home miners. The minimum order for mining machines is 50 units, according to FoundryX website.

FoundryX has made the statement that presently has over 40,000 miners of the brand Bitmain and MicroBT and it will be shipped next year.

The benefits for the miners purchasing from FoudryX instead of manufactures are very obvious: manufacturers have higher minimum order quantities, typically above 100 units and they require much larger deposits ahead of delivery, where Foundry’s requirements are much smaller with flexible payment options on orders.

“Our goal for 2022 is to be the market leader in the $2.5 billion [crypto mining hardware] market,” said Burkey.

The demand for FoundryX’s services will increase as Chinese miners are looking to set up operations around the globe, and new players are entering the market, including energy companies and family offices, according to Burkey.

bitmain BTC miner

There will be even higher demand for FoundryX services with the increase of the Chinese miners around the globe and all the new players that are entering every day, including family offices and energy companies, he stated.

This can be seen as a new opportunities for the miners around the world and opening a new door to the market for selling mining machines.

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