DeSo Coin Available on DEX DeFi and Launches its Own Stablecoin

February 10, 2023

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Finally, DeSo coin will be available on Decentralised Exchange MegaSwap, which is cutting-edge cross-chain smart service that provides secure and effortless coins and tokens swapping between various blockchains. Unlike centralized exchanges, MegaSwap empowers users to keep their coins in their own self-custodial wallets, reducing the risk of data breaches, as we’ve witnessed with various exchanges like FTX, BlockFi, Celsius, and Voyager.

MegaSwap offers a combination of the privacy and security of decentralized exchanges like Uniswap with the ease of exchanging coins across different blockchains. This innovative service addresses a major challenge faced by developers in the Web3 world by providing an API and embeddable UI widget that can be easily integrated into any app with just one line of code. This feature makes it easier for developers to onboard users to their apps and for users to exchange coins within the app, without the need for a centralized exchange.

With MegaSwap, users can expect fast and seamless swapping, with average swap times of just 3 seconds. For start launch, MegaSwap supports BTC, ETH, SOL, DESO, DesoDollar (a native stablecoin), and USDC, with plans for additional blockchains like NEAR, ADA, DOGE and more in the future. MegaSwap is a testament to DeSo’s commitment to building a cross-chain Social Layer for Web3 that connects communities globally.

You can check this video to see how MegaSwap looks like.

According to DeSo blog post, in the future users will have the ability to swap across all major blockchains, unlocking immense liquidity for applications inside and outside of the DeSo ecosystem. MegaSwap represents the next step in the evolution of centralized and decentralized exchanges, while solving significant Web3 user experience issues. The current fragmentation in the blockchain ecosystem creates hurdles for users to move from one app to another, but MegaSwap makes it easier for developers to create decentralized social media apps without worrying about liquidity and user acquisition.

There is another great news coming from DeSo and its the creation of their fiat backed stablecoin DeSoDollar, which is available to trade on MegaSwap and millions of Ethereum and MetaMask users can now enter the DeSo ecosystem and build the future of social media, which creator-led, owned by its users and open to millions of developers to build on top of DeSo. Decentralized Social is decentralized, permissionless, trustless, and censorship-resistant, with all content stored on-chain and 100% open source. Also, DesoDollar allows founders to maintain a USDC treasury on DAODAO, making it easier to fundraise, launch, build, and scale your crypto startup.

About MegaSwap

MegaSwap is a non-custodial no-login cross-chain swapping service and API, where users can swap between any two cryptocurrencies directly on and also dApps developers can seamlessly integrate or embed MegaSwap directly into their apps completely self-service without needing to talk to sales. MegaSwap is non-custodial DEX that it is not legally obligated to solicit a login from users and preserves users’ privacy and security while operating in full compliance with existing law. To use this protocol you will need Metamask an EVM non-custodial wallet.

About DeSo

Decentralized Social blockchain is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media, and scale storage-heavy applications to and aims to become the most developer-friendly platform for building scalable decentralized social media apps that can onboard millions of users. Decentralized social native Cryptocurrency (coin) is DeSo.

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