More Women Are Getting In To Crypto

March 6, 2022

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Crypto has been highly male-dominated industry so far, with only five female founders in the 121 leading coins.
However, BlockFi latest survey shows that the growth in women’s interest in cryptocurrencies is higher than ever. In fact the interest has doubled to 60% since last year September resulting in 29%.
Almost one of four women of the survey group already had crypto assets wallets, with highest percentage of them building up for future capital and never sold out their assets.

More Women Are Getting In To Crypto

The research results also revealed that women are highly interested in purchasing bitcoin, dogecoin, and ether, with 71 percent, 42 percent, and 18 percent, sequentially. But, women did not exhibit their interests in the remaining fields of the sub-sectors, with just 5% already acquired Non-Fungible Tokes (NFT) or involved in the crypto mining sector.

And when it comes to leading roles in the crypto industry, only 15% of women are fond of performing in the crypto market, and just 10% interesting in playing their role in crypto or blockchain-based firms in the coming year.

BlockFi CEO & Founder Flori Marquez has said in a statement:

“It’s very exciting to know that women are becoming more aware of the benefits of owning crypto and expressing interest in working in the crypto sector. Now it’s our responsibility to continue to close the education gap and provide as many on-ramps as possible, so women can easily gain exposure to crypto markets and get comfortable doing more with their crypto.

Crypto is becoming a part of everyday financial wellness, and we must continue to educate new adopters and make financial products that are simple and easy to use. Mass adoption presents a significant opportunity to drive inclusion in the industry.”

BlockFi is is centralised custodian cryptocurrency financial services platform. It offers an excellent range of products like its famous interest-bearing accounts, consumer cryptocurrency loans and its own cryptocurrency trading platform.

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