PancakeSwap Will be Available to Aptos Blockchain

October 31, 2022

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The DEX’s community strongly supports the deployment of PancakeSwap and native CAKE token to Aptos, also PancakeSwap developers will continue to work closely with the Aptos team on this deployment to the Aptos ecosystem. Aptos is a blockchain, which is based on a novel approach to blockchain design and already has over 200 projects building on it. PancakeSwap saw it as great opportunity to join an ecosystem with so many builders and to work together with many projects through their recognized products such as Swap, Farm, Pools and IFO.

PancakeSwap will be deploying its CAKE token natively on Aptos along with its key products, making the CAKE token truly multichain for the first time. CAKE tokens will power all the features that will be brought over to Aptos blockchain and users will be able to enjoy all the core products of PancakeSwap.

There is no doubt that this will be a win-win situation for all parties involved. PancakeSwap has one of the largest and most dedicated communities in crypto, which has been behind the launch of many successful projects. PancakeSwap also has a strong history of helping projects launch their token through our IFOs and Pools product, as well as maintaining a strong level of liquidity. There will be APT liquidity pools, that will provide better liquidity for Aptos and new projects working with PancakeSwap.

Aptos blockchain launched its mainnet on 17th October 2022, it was already a prominent figure in the crypto space. Aptos has strong social media presence resulting from widespread discussions about its eyes-watering promises about being “the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain”. Social media engagement peaked with millions of impressions from hundreds of social media posts about the potential “Solana Killer” and their Twitter got over 314,900 followers in a month.

Aptos claims to offer secure, scalable and upgradeable Web3 infrastructure, in the race among Layer 1 blockchains to achieve the goal of being ‘the best’ blockchain. The best blockchain is expected to maintain decentralization, security and scalability through stability, also high-speed transactions and low fees. This is also known as the ,,blockchain trilemma”, and most blockchains only achieve any two of these and sacrifice the other and the existing blockchains are continuously attempting to fix this trilemma.

Expectations from developers are that deployment of PancakeSwap will be finished till the end of November.

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