Three Pillars Of Dystopian Future

May 24, 2022

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Social control is nothing but control of the society over individuals. In order to maintain the order of the society, people have to be kept under some sort of control. This is necessary in order to have desired behaviour from the individuals, and for the central authorities to gain TOTAL control over society with help of technologies.

Total control is the real and only reason for establishing this three pillars of dystopian future.

The First Pillar is Biometric/Digital ID and Mass Surveillance.

In 2020, biometric authentication and verification is integral to the modern technology landscape and is widespread in more ways, but no-one fully understands what this means for people and how will it affects us as a society in the future.

Digital ID is based on biometrics, Bio as Biology and Metrics as rules-based system of measuring data, often used for comparative or tracking purposes. If you’ve ever unlocked your mobile device with your finger, scanned your face to use some app, or you have Alexa at home that records your voice, congratulations! You have already given all of your biometrics for free!

All Tech Firms have already implemented biometric recognition that can help build a profile of a person’s identity. There are two types of Biometrics: Physiological and Behavioral

Fingerprint, Hand geometry, Palm print, DNA-(analysis of a genetic sequence), Blood type, Facial measurements, Iris and retinas (color and eye shape), Veins (vein patterns in eyes, hands, Heart beats and EKG)

Behavioral (human behavior patterns), Typing rhythm and keystroke dynamics, Walking, Voice and speech inflections, Gestures, Web navigation (scrolling and swiping), Written text recognition, Geo-location and IP Address, Purchasing habits, Device usage, Browser history and cookies.

All these Biometrics are in the hands of few corporations and you gave it all for free, since we all know that Terms & Conditions are too long for someone to read for daily usage of the internet. Certainly that digital ID can be beneficial in public Blockchain usage, but that doesn’t apply for central structure entity.

Here are few negative outcomes:

Any Central-based data like the Businesses and governments that collect and store users personal data are under constant threat from hackers, because biometric data is irreplaceable, this scenario will be devastating for millions of people.

Tracking and data collecting is another negative impact on humanity. Privacy of people must be taken into consideration, as human right. When biometrics are converted into data and stored, particularly in places or countries that have large surveillance measures, biometric data can become a permanent digital tag that can be used to track someone, with and without their knowledge.

Demographic Bias can result in discrimination and exclusion to other races, here is an example from China.

False data analysis and inaccuracy can happen due to hacks and other unwanted situations, that can lead to excluding individuals of the system or someone to reuse for their own purposes.

This digital ID will be required to access social media, the internet, bank accounts, and even to spend money. Without your digital ID, you won’t be able to access these things. The authority over your digital ID and the data it contains will be owned by the government. We need a balance between privacy and security, freedom of the people is in question, if it’s for security like we have been told, proportionate surveillance that does not compromise privacy it is enough, unless there is hidden agenda.

The second pillar is CBDC

Central bank digital currencies CBDC are digital tokens, issued by a central bank that runs on centralized ledger They are pegged to the value of that country’s fiat currency. The danger of centralized ledgers is that the entity who is in charge can do what they wish for and some serious damage to its users. The Central bank has total control on all transactions, because its a centralized ledger.

The globalist architects of the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum want to use CBDC Central Bank Digital Currencies to “revolutionize” the future of finance.

Probably you’ve heard the famous sentence: ,,You will own nothing and be happy”

“I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes” writes Danish MP Ida Auken.

The government will own your home, but you will not be required to pay rent because someone else will occupy your space when you are not there. This means that everything you own now could be taken by your government in the near future.

The globalist architects of the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum have thrown their weight behind the concept of CDBC, claiming that state-controlled currencies will “revolutionize” the future of finance. The rule is simple: WHOEVER CONTROLS MONEY, ACTUALLY MAKES THE ONLY RULES THAT COUNT.

The WEF divides CBDCs into three categories: retail, wholesale and hybrid.

The first category allows non-financial users to hold digital currency accounts. Second is an electronic system granting access to the central bank reserve that could be used by commercial banks and other financial institutions for interbank and security transactions. The third is Hybrid CBDCs that allow financial institutions that do not usually have access to a central bank deposit facility to hold reserves. This means there will be three categories of money, which will lead to further division in society, rich people will be richer and the regular citizens will be poorer and there will be no chance for progress in their life and financial independency will be just a metaphor.

These are the tools that Government can use with CBDC:

Freeze account, put limit on your account, set location limits, spend limit, automatically tax every transaction, decide what you can buy or how to spend, restrict individuals from basic goods and services, set expiry date on savings and other features.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a CBDC is not.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are stored on a decentralised blockchain and every user has full control of their own finances, on the other hand, CBDC will be issued and stored using a centralised ledger.

This means that Bitcoin remains decentralised in nature and cannot be controlled by a single authority. Contrastingly, CBDC is controlled by the issuing authority such as a central bank and government, so technically users don’t own nothing, because central authorities needs to allow you to use your finances.

This raises the issue of anonymity and privacy when using each asset.

The third pillar is Credit Social Score System

Social Credit Score, is already being used in China. It basically compares humans, one to another based on every action they perform, which it will decide whether you are a good or bad citizen based on almost everything you do in your daily life. It rewards those who do what the government prefers while punishes those who are not aligned with government’s expectation. If someone’s score falls below a certain level, they may lose access to things that are considered as human rights, such as a passport, bank loans, or even to send those people to educational program camps.

All pillars of dystopian future are implementing in different countries around world, China is the leader in this concept of total control, so what you see today in China it’s going to be your future, more or less, regardless where you live. Human rights are severely taken away from everyone.

Human rights are based on important principles like dignity, fairness, respect and equality. They protect you in your everyday life regardless of who you are, where you live and how you chose to live your life, human rights also include: the right to life, the right to respect for private and family life, the right to freedom of religion and belief. Year after year every single rights is taken away from us in the name of “protection” and many other lies that are “good” for us while making DYSTOPIAN world which will be living hell for the most people in the world.

Are you still having doubts on using public Blockchain, that is open to anyone in the world with no restriction of so ever? Are you still thinking is it good to invest in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or DeFi ? Just think about it.

Crypto world is more than just price-tag of coins and tokens, it’s the decentralisation, data ownership for every user and it’s the only chance that humanity have, for better future and free will and choice.

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