Polkadot Parachains Progress

December 19, 2021

Darko Simunovski

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The Polkadot team spent five years developing the parachains, which were allocated to teams via slot auctions. Polkadot is a promising open-source blockchain platform that was launched with the aim of improving the interoperability of multiple blockchains. They invested five years into developing the parachains, which were allocated to teams via auctions. These are: Acala, Moonbeam, Parallel Finance, Astar and Clover. They will be able to lease slots on Polkadot’s Relay Chain for up to 96 weeks at a time. The Polkadot Network is a secure, public, permissionless network that enables applications built on the Ethereum protocol to communicate with each other across blockchains.

The Relay Chain helps in coordinating the consensus and communication between parachains, Gavin Wood said:

“And as the ecosystem grows, especially with nascent emergence of metaverses, dozens of protocols will become increasingly visible. In that scenario, there will not be a single blockchain, but we will have several interconnected chains.”

“Not all of these slots will be allocated via parachain slot auctions, as some will be used for governance-enabled common-good parachains and parathreads,” According to Wood:

“The parachain model was created with the belief that the future of Web3 will involve many different types of blockchains working together. Just as the current version of the internet caters to different needs, blockchains need to be able to provide a variety of services. Parachains solve this”

Polkadot is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. It plans to grow its current slot allocation of five to 100 parachain slots.

It is obvious that the structure of Polkadot is unique and it is the 3rd generation blockchain. It is designed to be an interoperable blockchain network and this means that we can connect many blockchains to the Polkadot. This is because it will provide a standard way for cross-chain communication which is essential for WEB3 use.

It’s a long-term investment that may yield a big profit, specially for investors who take a long-term approach.

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