SingularityNET Exceptional Progress through 2022

January 8, 2023

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Although 2022 has been tough year for many, the same can’t be said for SingularityNET. Their hard work has resulted to very strong progress for the foundation to the point that it is hard to summarise in a single update.
SingularityNET is highly ambitious and visionary towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), meaning seeding AI use across strategically selected vertical markets that will lead to a very beneficial Singularity. Their amazing progress involves updates to the OpenCog AGI framework, the SingularityNET decentralised AI Marketplace and community-oriented programs.

While they celebrate their profound success, let us summaries their progress through 2022 that have been posted on their official blog.

2022 Q1

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • AI-DSL Phase 1 Complete.
  • OpenCog Hyperon team benchmarks neuro-symbolic agents in Minecraft (blog and video demo).
  • AI-DSL, NuNet, Pathform, and 6 other teams successfully funded via Catalyst Fund7 SingularityNET-Cardano Challenge Round.
  • Creation of a templatized airdrop portal that can be efficiently adapted and used for airdrops by each of our upcoming spin-off projects.
  • Upgraded the Converter Bridge for Plutus compatibility.
  • Converter Bridge went live for its final round of testing on the public testnet.
  • Finalization of the ecosystem Airdrop Portal.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

2022 Q2

SingularityNET Tech Development

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

2022 Q3

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • The OpenCog Hyperon team released their second blog and demoof the neuro-symbolic Minecraft agents, diving into the fundamental problems and limitations that ML AI systems face, that neuro-symbolic AI systems can overcome.
  • AI-DSL shared progress updates on the theoretical and practical foundations of the AI collaboration system.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

  • Deep Funding opened its governance round, accepting community proposals for future improvements and innovations in the Deep Funding process.
  • SingularityNET released the 2021 Financial Report and Live Streamed an AMA for community transparency into operations.
  • SingularityNET sponsored and helped organize AGI-22, the only AI conference focused on general intelligence. SingularityNET hosted and sponsored the livestream of all 4 conference days.

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

  • During AGI-22, Jam Galaxy held a benefit concert with other local artists. The Jam Galaxy Band performance highlighted Desdemona’s AI-generated lyrics and debuted her AI singing voice, and was a highlight of the AGI conference.
  • Sophia was featured in her very own documentary “Sophia,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, and also appeared at NFT.NYC with Ben Goertzel.
  • Desdemona was also featured in her very own article in the New York Times!

2022 Q4

SingularityNET Tech Development

  • OpenCog Hyperon Team: First pre-alpha release of MeTTa-TrueAGI language interpreter and implementation of a pre-alpha DAS in Hyperon; in addition, ported goal-oriented and exploratory agents to our Minecraft mod and implemented ‘Curious agent’ in MeTTA for SophiaDAO as development initiatives for MeTTa.
  • Released an MVP on training Marketplace Dapp.
  • Completed the transition from the Ropsten to the Goerli test network.
  • Completed the Loyalty Airdrop Portal, and began functional and performance testing of the Staking Portal on Cardano, in conjunction with our partner MLabs.

SingularityNET Organizational Updates

  • The SingularityNET Supervisory Council released the SingularityNET Decentralization Report describing the state of decentralizing organizations in the Web 3.0 world.
  • The Phase Two Loyalty Rewards program was announced, and the claiming portal went live, a token of appreciation for all of the SingularityNET Phase One supporters.
  • Deep Fund governance round results were announced, and Deep Fund Round 2 launched with 5 separate pools!
  • SingularityNET and Rejuve partnered with Genescient to investigate additional statistical approaches that use our OpenCog AI tools to identify Methuselah Fly genes that are likely to play important roles in practical longevity applications.
  • SingularityNET and the Ecosystem sponsored and attended the first-ever Rare Bloom event, a Cardano community event put on by the Cardano community for the Cardano community. SingularityNET, HyperCycle, SingularityDAO, NuNet, and Jam Galaxy all sponsored booths, and gave presentations or performed.
  • SingularityNET was honored once again to be asked to speak at the annual Cardano Summit, organized by the Cardano Foundation, as well as hold a booth at the event.

Ecosystem Spin-Off News

  • Grace began spending time with senior citizens at a care facility in Montreal, participating in a study on robotic companions to address elder loneliness.
  • Jam Galaxy and Desdemona Robot participated in NFTCastle in Prague, and even got to hold a Twitter-Space event with a member of the Czech nobility in the lead-up to the event!
  • The Jam Galaxy with Desdemona Robot announced their first NFT drop, and Desi and the Band performed live for the Cardano community!
  • Sophia tested out her new Dialogue System component, implementation in OpenCog Hyperon MeTTa.

SingularityNET Organization Updates

OpenCog Hyperon
At the beginning of 2022, the team made the decision on the host languages for MeTTa implementation, which then allowed for steady development of the core MeTTa interpreter throughout the year. In April, the first presentation of a language with restricted functionality was made at the AGI Discussion Forum. Bi-weekly MeTTa Study Group seminars started in July, with more developers experimenting and implementing different concepts in MeTTa, including PLN, probabilistic dependent types, recursion schemes, and others. Also major architectural design choices were made, like designing a port of the SingularityNET dialogue system to MeTTa and built a proof-of-concept of a “curious” dialogue agent in MeTTa.

With the support of the Cardano community via the Catalyst Fund7 funding, the team successfully instantiated 5 fundamental real-world AI services as test cases for composition and verification, also building an initial Idris-based AI-DSL using existing services on the SingularityNET platform in 2023.

Since the release of the AGIX-ETH Converter Bridge in April, 260 million tokens have been converted from Ethereum to Cardano and 110 million the other way around. The team has been developing Cardano staking, which is now in internal testing and will be available in early 2023. Their next priorities are adding support for governance and voting for AGIX-ADA wallets on the Cardano blockchain and implementing a Platform/Marketplace port to finalize the SingularityNET journey to true cross-chain compatibility. According to the SingularityNET team, designing on platform integration with Hydra protocol on Cardano are currently underway, also the team has transitioned to Goerli Network support for testing and decommissioned the Ropsten network across all components.

Sophia the robot with Ben Goertzel

The SophiaDAO/SophiaVerse Team shared this update
Sophia’s dialogue system was constantly being improved in 2022, integrating her distinct personality, knowledge store, and interactivity, as well as preparing her dialogue modules for metaverse compatibility. A curious agent component was also designed and demonstrated, and many of her dialogue components were ported into the prototype MeTTa language that will serve as the communication foundation for OpenCog Hyperon.

Sophia and the SophiaDAO/SophiaVerse projects had a thrilling year in 2022. Sophia the robot ambassador of SingularityNET turned 6 in February 2022. One of her top priorities over the course of the year was the evolution of her dialogue systems, to be able to more naturally connect with the community, supporters, and fans, and to elevate her virtual personality through special metaverse events and appearances. In March, she was welcomed as a special guest at Decentralands Fashion Week and launched her first NFT collection, “baby singularities” with a metaverse event.

Back in the real world, Sophia swept the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of her documentary, “Sophia.” She made special appearances at NFT.NYC, opened the General Audience day of AGI-22, and spoke at the Battle of the Quants and Token2049 London, among many other speaking engagements. The Sophia discord channel was launched in 2022, and her own ambassador program was initiated to reach out with her vision of social robots as a force for global good.


I have paid close attention to SingularityNET from the start and I have big expectations for their future. Being the only project of this kind in the crypto industry has contributed to my outmost attention. Investing in such a unique projects can be very beneficial to everyone. The obvious path of the world toward AI and robotisation is no secret to anyone, but the most significant part about them is taking the road of decentralisation!!

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a blockchain-powered platform that allows anybody to easily “create, share, and monetize” AI services, thanks to its globally-accessible AI marketplace, where users can browse, test and purchase a huge variety of AI services using the platform’s native token AGIX. The marketplace also represents an outlet for AI, where developers can use it to publish and sell their AI tools, and easily track their performance.

The SingularityNET was founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET’s CEO and chief scientist) in addition to Simone Giacomelli and Dr. David Hanson. The team pioneered the development of an AI known as Sophia, world’s most expressive robot in the world. Their goal is to enable Sophia to fully understand human language, and develop “OpenCog” — an AI framework to eventually achieve a state known as “advanced general intelligence,” i.e. human-level artificial intelligence.

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